Bandcamp Warfare 2023

A.N.T.I. – All Negative Thoughts Inside (L.A.)
BEST WISHES – The Thrill Is Gone (Toronto)
BIG BOY – Spring 2023 (San Jose)
BLEACH – State of Grace (Bandung)
BODYWEB – train_wreck_simulation (Leeds)
BUSSIN’ – On My Soul (Roanoke)
COLD DECAY – Cold Decay (Paris)
CMI – Casual Violence (Chicago)
DIZTORT – Vengeance is Mine (Hunt. Beach)
DOGPILE – Trust Tha Instinct (Nashville)
DONE DEAL – Demo (San Jose)
EXISTENCE – Go to Heaven (Stockholm)
FACEWRECK – Joke’s On You (Pittsburgh)
FEINTS – Zero to 100 (Rouen)
FREE 4 ALL – Promo 23 (Oklahoma)
FRENZY – Trial By Fire (Cleveland)
GROVE STREET – The Path… (Southampton)
GUMM – Slogan Machine (Chattanooga)
HUMAN GARBAGE – Str8 Not Giving a Fuck
INNER PEACE – ’23 Demo (Indianapolis)

J.O.Y. – Fantasy (Sydney)
KIBOSH – It All Feels Like Knives (Bordeaux)
MOVE BHC – Black Radical Love (Boston)
NEVER ENDING GAME – Outcry (Detroit)
PAIN OF TRUTH – Not Through Blood (Long Island)
PEST CONTROL – Don’t Test the Pest (Leeds)
RAT CAGE – Savage Visions (Sheffield)
RAW LIFE – Cashin’ Out (NJ)
REALMS OF DEATH – Ruin (San Antonio)
SENTINEL – Age of Decay (NY)

SKOURGE – Torrential Torment (Houston)
STONEMAN – Stoneman II (Cincinnati)
STRANGE JOY – Power Pop (Houston)
STREET SOLDIER – Original Murda Material (York City)
SUNAMI – Sunami (San Jose)
SUPER REG – Everything is Cool (Raleigh)
TRUCHA – The Devil’s Grip (Omaha)
WRONG MAN – Big Plans (Ghent)
XL LIFE – The Boogie Down South (Cardiff)
ZERO CHILL – Z​.​C​.​F​.​Y. (Florida)