Artcore 2021

Bandcamp Warfare 2020

ABRASIONDemonstration (California)
BE WELL The Weight… (Baltimore)
BECOMING A.D.Thy (Belgium)
BIBDelux (Omaha)
CASTAWAYWhere’s Your Power (San Jose)
CHAIN REACTIONFigurehead (Belgium)
CHAMBERCost of Sacrifice (Nashville)
CHANGECloser Still (Seattle)
EIGHTFOLD PATHSutraduction (San Jose)
EXCIDEActualize (South Carolina)
EXPOSUREAtonement (Germany)
GADGETSpreading the Love (Minneapolis)
GAGStill Laughing (Olympia)
HAWSERAll Is Forgiven (Netherlands)
JESUS WEPT Fucked on the X (Detroit)
KHARMAMost Dangerous Game (Chicago)
LIVING IN FEARThe Coward’s… (Atlanta)
LOWER DEPTHSPurification (San Antonio)
MIL-SPECWorld House (Toronto)
MINDFORCESwingin Swords (New York)

In This Other Land…

Do you know your classics?

Cosmic, hardcore, boomer ou shredder : vous avez l’embarras du choix.

Bandcamp Warfare 2019

2. M.A.D.Mutually Assured Destruction
3. HIGH COMMANDBeyond the Wall (MA)
5. ABSENCE OF MINESmile! … (California)
6. RED DEATH – Sickness Divine (D.C.)
7. DEAD HEATCertain Death (California)
8. RHYTHM OF FEARRitual Dementia
9. ENFORCEDAt the Walls (Virginia)
10. INCLINATIONWhen Fear Turns… (KY)
11. FORCED NEGLECTNeed to Feed (AL)
13. ADRENALINES/T (Maryland)
14. ABUSE OF POWERWhat On Earth…
15. FURYFailed Entertainment (CA)


NYHC Retrospective

Extraits de la revue Carhartt WIP #3, 2019.
Bonus : interview de Howie Abrams et playlist 100% N.Y.H.C.
Ne pas oublier la DEMO93 non plus.

Bandcamp Warfare

1. MINDFORCE – Excalibur (New York)
2. HEATSEEKER – Demo (Florida)
3. EKULU – S/T (New York)
4. TURNSTILE – Time & Space (Maryland)
5. KING NINE – Death Rattle (New York)
6. EXISTENCE – Into the Furnace (Sweden)
7. DOMINANT FORCE – We Don’t Want (FL)
8. BALANCE – Brief Encounter (England)
9. WARHEADS – Demo (England)
10. BIG CHEESE – Aggravated Mopery (Eng)
11. NO BRAINER – Don’t Try (Australia)
12. BLUESBREAKER – Palais idéal (Ukrainia)
13. BIB – Moshpit (Nebraska)
14. CANDY – Good To Feel (Virginia)
15. FUNERAL CHIC – Superstition (NC)
16. LOWEST CREATURE – Misery (Sweden)
17. BATTLE RUINS – Glorious Dead (Mass)
18. SICK THOUGHTS – S/T (Louisiana)
19. LURK – Hi-Fi (Illinois)

L’Art de Mosher

New York, avant la découverte de la mosh.

WALTER SCHREIFELS (Youth Of Today, Warzone, Gorilla Biscuits, Project X, Supertouch, Quicksand) : Il y avait une certaine dose de confiance en soi à New-York, qui pouvait être confondue avec du machisme, mais c’est tout simplement que le hardcore de New York avait les meilleures mosh parts possibles. Personne ne jouait des parties dansantes aussi bonnes qu’à New York.

ALEXA POLI-SCHEIGERT (Scenester) : On avait des breaks brutaux, et ça rendait la danse encore plus dure. C’était différent. Ce n’était pas juste du thrash rapide comme à Boston.

WALTER SCHREIFELS : Les gens moshaient plus qu’ailleurs. Le CBGB était comme le Madison Square Garden de la mosh. A New York, tu n’avais même pas besoin de chanter dans un groupe. Tu pouvais juste être bon dans le pit pour te faire aimer et respecter.

RAY CAPPO (Violent Children, Youth Of Today, Shelter) : D’ailleurs, ‘mosh’ était un mot uniquement utilisé à New York. Les gens de l’extérieur ne pouvaient même pas savoir de quoi on parlait.

Motor City Hardcore

Pittbull (what a hard ass name) were from Detroit which is notorious for it’s hard way of life. Their music and demeanor reflected that. The band started out in 1987 and had a handful of releases. (…) I’m not sure how much they toured the US but I do know that they toured Europe a few times and might have even had a CD out on Lost & Found. The band has a weird mix of punk/hardcore and some weird rockish guitar riffs. Tempo changes come out of nowhere in some of their songs. All of this adds up to a nice really raw and ballsy sound. To complete the package you have Mikey’s voice that is reminiscent of Paul Bearer (Sheer Terror), Anthony (Killing Time) or even Mike from Judge. Gruff, shouted, and the lyrics were still distinguishable. I can feel the sense of urgency and bitterness as he sings. For some weird reason with the more experimental aspects of the music, Pittbull reminds me more of a Rollins Band for the working class everyday man. I hold this band right up there with all of Detroit’s other great bands. Give them a listen. (COREGASM)

PS: Sadly, the drummer recently committed suicide. RIP Joey Starr.

Skull Heads

BLIND TO FAITH, Under the heptagram, A389.
Belgique, new beat metal, smileys inversés.