Tears O Negative

Le Tour de France du Rock

Avec It It Anita, Minos, SCRTCH, Veik, Il est Vilaine, Mad Foxes, Erei Cross, ORDER89, Back Garden Light, McBaise, South Berkeley, Reymour, Taulard, Gaz Newton, Rien Faire, Rallye, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! et Paerish.

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Euro Music Cup

Playlist #50 : Salut les années 2010


  1. Gatekeeper – Chains
  2. Jimmy Edgar – My Beats
  3. Class Actress – Careful What You Say
  4. Led Er Est – Port Isabel
  5. Martial Canterel – You Today
  6. Automelodi – Schéma corporel
  7. Dernière Volonté – Peut-être
  8. Blessure Grave – The Cycle
  9. Odd Future – Splatter
  10. Tense – Sin Realite
  11. Trust – F.T.F
  12. Wild Gemini – Golden Haze
  13. Cult Of Youth – The Dead Sea
  14. Kurt Vile – In My Time
  15. Spectrals – Get a Grip
  16. Turnstile – Death Grip
  17. Iceage – White Rune
  18. Die Selektion – Du Rennst
  19. John Maus – Cop Killer
  20. Wugazi – S.R.E.A.M.

Les meilleures et les pires pochettes de 2019

Do you New Jack ?

Issues, Beautiful Oblivion : la chronique ici.

30 ans d’acteurs-chanteurs (1965-1995)

Le punk de Jean-Pierre Kalfon, le folk de Valérie Lagrange, le glam de Ticky Holgado, le ska d’Etienne Chicot, la new wave d’Anicée Alvina, la synth-pop d’Elisabeth Wiener, la sophistipop de Gabrielle Lazure ou l’electro de Valérie Lemercier, quand le cinéma français se met vraiment à la musique, voilà ce que ça donne.

Les meilleures et les pires pochettes de 2018

A heavenly dose of reality

« I loved how the Smiths cnnected with their audience and I enjoyed watching their emergence. One reason for my delight was the way they challenged the mainstream version of what great pop music was. To me, they seemed like the antithesis of the likes of Duran Duran. As in every era, episodes of Top of the pops featured a mix of music and you’d occasionally get a real gem, perhaps two, but generally in the early 1980s, the producers and the presenters turned each episode into a headless, over-lit and cheesy office party. In this context, when the Smiths were on the show performing ‘This Charming Man’ or ‘What Difference Does It Make ?’ they were like gatecrashers from another planet, bringing with them a heavenly dose of reality.

When I interviewed John Taylor of Duran Duran, I told him all this, even though I felt a big mean doing so. I did know that when he was a teenager in the 1970s, he’d liked a lot of the same music Morrissey and Marr had, including Bowie and Mick Ronson, of course, but their tastes and their bands had diverged. I told him that every time I got a glimpse of a Duran Duran video, with the band and a load of half-dressed women all aboard a yacht in the Indian Ocean or whatever, in an era of rising youth unemployment and the miners’ strike, I just couldn’t cope. It was a weird juxtaposition. I told him there’s a lot I like about Duran Duran now, but back then we needed the Smiths. John was very understanding and very gentlemanly about it; ‘I know, Dave. I appreciate what you’re saying. »

Sonic Youth Slept On My Floor, Dave Haslam, 2018.

Plus de Dave Haslam ici.

Playlist #47 : C’était 2017

01 – BENEDEK – On my way
02 – BODY COUNT – This is why we ride
03 – G PERICO – Cant play
04 – PRAYERS – Edge of the blade
05 – MULTIPLE MAN – Power fantasy
06 – YAN WAGNER – Grenades
08 – COBRA MAN – Lazyman
09 – SEXTILE – Who killed Six
10 – EXIT ORDER – Clear the dust
11 – FIREBURN – Suspect
12 – HIGHER POWER – Hole
13 – LIL UZI VERT – For real
14 – FREEDOM – Eye to eye
15 – LIL YACHTY – X Men
16 – CHINO AMOBI – Blood of the covenant
17 – DJ BONEYARD – That’s right
18 – SKEPTA – No security
20 – DAF – Sato sato (Westbam ML remix)
21 – THE HACKER – Time X (ft. Miss Kittin)
22 – BEA1991 – Wrong
23 – CCFX – The one to wait
24 – COUSIN STIZZ – Jealous
25 – VINCE STAPLES – Crabs in a bucket
26 – ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER – Romance apocalypse
27 – GNUCCI – Ultimate syndrome (ft. Tami T)
28 – WHARFWIT – Keep U sweet
29 – KEKRA – Tout seul
30 – MIGOS – T-shirt
31 – NO WARNING – Total surrender
32 – THE WORST DOUBT – Drown in the deep
33 – YOUNG DOLPH – What’s the deal
34 – NOT WAVING – Where are we
35 – POWER TRIP – Waiting around to die