Artcore 2021

Tears O Negative

nu_rock or rap-rock?

Best of Trash

Memorabilia 1 // Memorabilia 2

La France va m(et)al

Quelques disques de metal plombants sortis en mars avec Fange, Demande à la poussière, Perturbator, Worst Doubt et Seth – à lire sur Musique Journal – et en avril avec Dirge, Fléau, Grorr, Intraveineuse, Nature Morte et Violence – toujours à lire sur Musique Journal

A.J. Soprano’s Legend

Machine Head, Pantera, Coal Chamber, Mudvayne, et ce célèbre coupe-vent Slipknot : la garde-robe du fils de Tony Soprano n’aura plus de secret pour vous grâce à The Ringer.

Is metal sexist?

« We somehow managed to use a band’s songs and videos—and more importantly, a band’s social posture—to get an image of what kind of women they preferred (or appeared to prefer). This goes back to the idea of thinking about pop culture even when it isn’t there; with only scraps of information, metal followers were able to construct the sexual appetites of their favorite musicians. Here’s a list of what type of girls the premier metal groups liked (or at least seemed to like) …


Bandcamp Warfare 2020

ABRASIONDemonstration (California)
BE WELL The Weight… (Baltimore)
BECOMING A.D.Thy (Belgium)
BIBDelux (Omaha)
CASTAWAYWhere’s Your Power (San Jose)
CHAIN REACTIONFigurehead (Belgium)
CHAMBERCost of Sacrifice (Nashville)
CHANGECloser Still (Seattle)
EIGHTFOLD PATHSutraduction (San Jose)
EXCIDEActualize (South Carolina)
EXPOSUREAtonement (Germany)
GADGETSpreading the Love (Minneapolis)
GAGStill Laughing (Olympia)
HAWSERAll Is Forgiven (Netherlands)
JESUS WEPT Fucked on the X (Detroit)
KHARMAMost Dangerous Game (Chicago)
LIVING IN FEARThe Coward’s… (Atlanta)
LOWER DEPTHSPurification (San Antonio)
MIL-SPECWorld House (Toronto)
MINDFORCESwingin Swords (New York)

Reprise ≠ Déprime

L’art de la reprise selon Type O Negative.
(Peter Steele 04/01/1962 – 14/04/2010)

Infectious Groove

What happens when metal gets infected by industrial virus? It’s Pandemonium!