Napalm over NY

THE EXTERMINATOR (1980, James Glickenhaus)

HOMEWRECKER – Wreck (Worms and dirt, A389)

POWER TRIP – Manifest decimation (S/T, Southern Lord)

SECTARIAN VIOLENCE – Start again (Upward hostility, Grave Mistake)

MISFORTUNE – End of the rope (Pain, DIY)

BENCHPRESS – No place like home (Controlled by death, MFD)

NOISEM – Severed (Agony, A389)

AC4 – Off the hook (Burn the world, NY Vag/Deathwish)

VICE – Departure (You made us this way, DIY)

DEGENERATE – Brain deaf (Grudge of the weak, DIY)

TURNSTILE – Step 2 rhythm (S/T, Reaper)

BLIND TO FAITH – Under the Heptagram (S/T, A389)

INTEGRITY – Beasts as Gods (Suicide black snake, A389)

MODERN PAIN – Living proof (Reality of the pain, Dog Years)

DISTRICT 9 – Think about it (South Bronx memoirs, Dignified Bastard)

DEGENERATE – Ender (Grudge of the weak, DIY)

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