Motor City Hardcore

Pit­tbull (what a hard ass name) were from Detroit which is noto­ri­ous for it’s hard way of life. Their music and demeanor reflected that. The band started out in 1987 and had a hand­ful of releases. (…) I’m not sure how much they toured the US but I do know that they toured Europe a few times and might have even had a CD out on Lost & Found. The band has a weird mix of punk/hardcore and some weird rock­ish gui­tar riffs. Tempo changes come out of nowhere in some of their songs. All of this adds up to a nice really raw and ballsy sound. To com­plete the pack­age you have Mikey’s voice that is rem­i­nis­cent of Paul Bearer (Sheer Ter­ror), Anthony (Killing Time) or even Mike from Judge. Gruff, shouted, and the lyrics were still dis­tin­guish­able. I can feel the sense of urgency and bit­ter­ness as he sings. For some weird rea­son with the more exper­i­men­tal aspects of the music, Pit­tbull reminds me more of a Rollins Band for the work­ing class every­day man. I hold this band right up there with all of Detroit’s other great bands. Give them a lis­ten. (COREGASM)

PS: Sadly, the drum­mer recently com­mit­ted sui­cide. RIP Joey Starr.

The Other 1990s





Freakin Out

Le Monde ne con­nais­sait nulle­ment l’existence de DEATH avant 2009, et la ressor­tie par DRAG CITY de ces 7 titres enreg­istrés en 1975 sous le nom For the whole world to see…. LIRE LA SUITE


Si vous suivez ce qui se passe dans le Michi­gan depuis 20 ans (ce n’est pas mon cas), vous n’apprendrez pas grand chose à tra­vers ce doc­u­men­taire réal­isé par Heidi Ewing et Rachel Grady. Trop court, trop dis­persé, trop Sun­dance, les deux réal­isatri­ces ont priv­ilégié l’esthétique à la sub­stance. Un bel embal­lage sans le con­tenu. “You want to turn Detroit into a farm, huh?” LIRE LA SUITE